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About Veronika Mertens

I am a 3D - Artist surrounded by scientists, and my lab is my sketchbook and laptop.

I studied communication design and object design, and my passion is to use my skills to visualize and re-tell scientific stories in pictures.


I offer crystal clear custom flow schematics for your figures, presentations and grants, 3D-rendered experimental setups, molecules, cells, structures, and creative journal cover illustrations that tell your published story in new and exciting ways. 

Not sure yet? Just send me an email and ask - I'm happy to Skype with you about what you are thinking: 



Here is a small selection of my work:

My latest projects

Sample Projects


3D Visualization

Individual 3D images for figures, talk slides, and poster presentations. Example of cultured neurons.


 Nature Neuroscience Mertens.jpg

Journal Cover

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